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About Jiangsu

Aiping WangAiping Wang, Jiangsu Air Force cadet
During the earliest Chinese dynasties, the area in what is now Jiangsu was far removed from the center of Chinese civilization, which was in the northwest Henan; it was home of the Huai Yi (淮夷), an ancient ethnic group. During the Zhou Dynasty more contact was made, and eventually the state of Wu (centered at Gusu, now Suzhou) appeared as a vassal to the Zhou Dynasty in south Jiangsu, one of the many hundreds of states that existed across northern and central China at that time ... More on Jiangsu

Yancheng, referring to "Salt City" in Mandarin, is a city with a history of 2,100 years. Situated on the north bank of Yangtze River, the city was given the name referring to its sea salt production and salt harvest fields, tracking back to 119 B.C.
Yancheng City is one of Jiangsu thirteen prefecture-level cities which administers two old municipal districts and seven county-level cities... More on Yancheng, Jiangsu, China

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Jiangsu Sub-Council (CCPIT, Jiangsu Sub-Council), founded in September 1963, is a provincial branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and also a nongovernmental foreign trade and economy organization... More on China Council for the Promotion of International Tade JIANGSU SUB-COUNCIL


Something about Jiangsu and Jiangsu air force.


Aiping Wang
Aiping Wang
Jiangsu Air Force cadet